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About Us

Akoni Tech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is a manufacturer of Solar Selective Coated Fins and Flat Plate collectors.

The company was incorporated in the year 2011 and over the years has set high standards in the area of “Selective Coating” and its process is based on the technology developed by the National Aerospace Laboratory, Ministry of Defence (NALSUN). The Fins have high Absorptivity index(α- exceeding 96%) and very low emissivity index (ε- less than 12%). The collectors from Akoni Tech have surpassed industry’s best of efficiency marks and have become a natural choice for OEM’s. At Akoni Tech, OTD (On Time Delivery) is a culture and ITD (In time Delivery) is a practice.

Akoni Tech is the preferred OEM source for Copper & Aluminium Fins and Solar Flat Plate Collectors across India. Our broad client base stands as a testimony to our commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. With Raw Materials sourced from the best of mines and processed using World Class Equipment, Akoni Tech’s experienced workmanship ensures that its product quality matches and competes with the best internationally.

Akoni Tech itself is an offshoot of Somakanth Multi Tech which has 17 years of standing in the market for producing Copper tubes. Our broad experience and attention to detail is what makes Akoni Tech’s Solar collectors your best choice.